Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why OB? Because there's nothing greater in this world!

This week I led the 8th grade girls' House group and we talked about my favorite subject: female anatomy.  Specifically, we talked about each of our "parts", their functions, and why God designed them the way he did.  We also talked about the way God created sex to be, and how that is different than what the fallen world presents us with.

True confession: I started mentoring 8th grade girls through our Wednesday night small groups because I had a week at work where I had three new OB patients that were 14 or 15, and I treated a 13 year-old with Chlamydia.  I could feel the Holy Spirit pulling at my heartstrings and whispering to me, "Rachel, you need to be a part of healing this destruction in the lives of young ladies."  And that's how I started being a 8th grade girl's house leader.

When I gave my talk on Wednesday, we left a huge portion of time for questions and answers.  I was pretty surprised by all of the questions (from 8th grade girls) about pregnancy and breastfeeding!  They asked how I felt about abortion, they asked if I had ever had to deal with babies dying during pregnancy, and how bodies change during pregnancy.  Ultimately, I ended by saying, "To me, there is no greater way that God demonstrates his power and perfection than by bringing new life into this world though women during pregnany.  To me, there is no greater honor in this life than to help women through this glorious process, however humble pregnancy may make us at times.  This, ladies, is why I have chosen to do obstetrics."

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picky eaters--don't give in!

I know I talked a little about this in my Hearts at Home, but I wanted to pass along something that has helped our family in dealing with our picky 4 year old, Jude. Whenever we get a "Yuck! I'm not eating this!" at dinner time from Jude, we adopt this attitude: "That's fine, but you'll have it for breakfast then lunch if you don't try it now, and no snacks in the meantime." Usually, and Jude is pretty strong willed, he ends up eating it for breakfast. I can only think of one time that he didn't eat until the next night's dinner. I encourage you parents that are trying to provide your kids with whole foods and not giving in to the processed foods that are SO marketed to our children--our kids WILL eat when they're hungry, we just have to stick to our guns!