Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picky eaters--don't give in!

I know I talked a little about this in my Hearts at Home, but I wanted to pass along something that has helped our family in dealing with our picky 4 year old, Jude. Whenever we get a "Yuck! I'm not eating this!" at dinner time from Jude, we adopt this attitude: "That's fine, but you'll have it for breakfast then lunch if you don't try it now, and no snacks in the meantime." Usually, and Jude is pretty strong willed, he ends up eating it for breakfast. I can only think of one time that he didn't eat until the next night's dinner. I encourage you parents that are trying to provide your kids with whole foods and not giving in to the processed foods that are SO marketed to our children--our kids WILL eat when they're hungry, we just have to stick to our guns!

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