Thursday, November 15, 2012

Surprised with Joy

As many of you know, I have been trying to focus my time and efforts recently on my oral boards and just found out Monday that I've passed. A lot of folks have asked, "Haven't you already passed your boards?" Very astute! I actually have passed 4 sets of "boards" through med school and after residency. These were my oral boards, where for 3 hours I am asked to defend why I practice OB/Gyn like I do, why I made the decisions I made in my first year. Most OB/Gyns don't take oral boards this early--I just wanted them out of the way. The past year, but especially the last 6 months, have been hard on my family and working life, but I am thankful for a husband who demonstrates to me Christ-like love and sacrifice.

This past weekend (after I had flown to Dallas to take my boards, but before I had received my score) I went on an overnight retreat with our high school ministry, as I lead a group of freshman girls on Wednesday nights, but have never had a time where I could spend overnight time with them. I approached the weekend with the expectation of God helping me to foster stronger relationships with my girls and to lead them closer to our Christ. However, in the prayer chapel 3 of my girls asked to pray with me. I was completely overwhelmed with a sentiment and feeling of "being taken care of.". As if God was saying to me, "I got this, Rachel. None of this is of you, it's me." I thought the weekend would entail "doing work", but God has shown me once again that it is He who sustains me and refreshes me. To God be the glory, for GREAT things he has done.


  1. That is a wonderful thing to hear! Congratulations on passing your boards--I can only imagine the relief it must bring to every aspect of your life. Thank you for being a positive Christ-like influence on the young women at your church, and for intentionally emulating Christ in your workplace. I was encouraged by your post. The impact you have on those girls is powerful, I'm sure! Keep running the race!


  2. Congrats on passing your boards Rachel!! Thanks for your influence on all the girls in your group. Love you dear lady!!