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  1. I was encouraged at the Hearts conference and am working on step #1 and wanted to know what you think about Barleans Essential women's oil for a supplement/ fish oil. Any thoughts? I've used it and the chocolate raspberry flavor was great.... Plus I have it on hand :)

    1. Joy,
      So sorry, I had tried to reply to this awhile ago and just figured out it didn't publish! Yes, I think Barlean's is a fine fish oil supplement, always great to use what's on hand if it measures up! The 2 Brands that I know well are Carlson's finest and Nordic Naturals. I have received better feedback from "fish oil newbies" on the taste of Carlson's, but personally I take Nordic Naturals each day. Hope that helps! How has habit #1 shaped up for you? Are you on a new habit now?

  2. I keep trying to respond on my iphone or ipad and I just realized that my responses were never posted. So sorry, Joy! I think Barleans is just fine to finish out your bottle. The other fish oils I know a little better and am familiar with (Nordic Naturals and Carlson's finest). I know that they are assayed (or someone is checking to be sure that what they say is in them is in them--this can get sticky with vitamins and supplements). I hope that helps, Joy!

  3. Hey! I thought I already posted, but it didn't show up apparently... in your talk at Hearts, you mentioned a local meat CSA, but I am not finding it on the resource page- could you please share which one you use/like? We eat a lot of vegetarian and are in a veggie CSA, but like the idea of getting some meat through a CSA.


  4. HI Brooke,
    Here is the meat CSA that we are a part of. Jeremy is the farmer that brings the meat each month to Bloomington from Sheffield, IL where the animals are raised.

    Meadow Haven Farm: Allan or Jeanne Sexton,
    6139 1700 N Avenue, Sheffield IL 61361.
    (815) 454-2320 or (815) 303-3646. 
E-mail: Website:

    Here is another local farm that we'll get chicken and eggs from. They also come to the weekly Bloomington Farmer's Market (Saturday Mornings on the Square in Bloomington).
    Dearing Country Farms: Brad Dearing, 16410 N 800 E., Bloomington IL 61705.
    (309) 963-4932.

    If you're looking for a national resource that helps find any farm in the U.S--where ever you live, is a great resource for local farms/CSAs.

    Dr. Rachel

    1. Thanks so much- I appreciate it! We live in town, so this sounds great!